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From black & white to Cinerama to Dolby Digital and DTS, the Villa has lived through much of cinema history.

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About villatheatre.com

villatheatre.com is dedicated to preserving the history of the Villa Theatre in Salt Lake City, Utah.  The site was founded by Grant Smith in 2001 as a way to practice skills learned in a web design course.  For the next two years villatheatre.com tried to promote the Villa Theatre in hopes that the theater would not close.  The web site continues now as a monument to all the great movie theaters we have lost over the years.


The Villa Theatre is no longer an operating movie theater.  After showing movies for 53 years, the Villa closed on 18 February 2003 after Carmike Cinemas sold the theater to Harmons Grocery.  The property was later sold to to Dr. Hamid Adib, who has converted the former theater into a beautiful rug gallery named Adibs Rug Gallery.


Much of the information on villatheatre.com comes from old newspaper articles, which have often covered major events in the history of the Villa Theatre.  If you have information or photos or Photos of the Villa that do not appear on this site, please contact us.  If you would like to share your memories of the Villa Theatre or express support for its recent remodeling, please visit the guestbook.