Villa Theatre
3092 Highland Drive
Salt Lake City, Utah


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Advertisements for the Villa Theatre

  Various Newspaper Ads
23 December 1949 "Beau Brummel Restaurant salutes the Villa"
1958 "South Pacific" Ads
1966 "Russian Adventure" Ads
"2001: A Space Odyssey" Ads
"Ice Station Zebra" Ads

"Krakatoa, East of Java" Ads

1974 "Airport 1975" Ads
16 December 1977 The Deseret News wouldn't publish the title of this film, staring George Burns, because it was too controversial.  It was simply known as "Our Very Special Motion Picture"
4 June 1981 "Camelot" in 70mm
11 June 1982 1-year anniversary party ad for Raiders of the Lost Ark
22 April 1989 Ticket for Star Wars trilogy in 70mm benefit showing for Primary Childrens' Medical Center.
26 August 2003 "The Shops at the Villa Theatre", a flyer from Prime Commercial on shops that were proposed for the east side of the Villa property as part of a sale that fell through.