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Photo: Matt Lutthans, April 2001

Indian Hills

The Indian Hills theater in Omaha, Nebraska had the world's largest Cinerama screen - 105 feet wide.  Carmike Cinemas had almost completed a $250,000 renovation but then had to close the theater because of theater chain's bankruptcy.

The Methodist Health System purchased the theater and plans to replace the theater with parking for the nearby hospital.  A group of investors wanted to reopen the theater and restore it for 3-strip Cinerama, but Methodist said that it would $1.7 million to remove asbestos and make other improvements.  A second group, the Indian Hills Preservation Society, also tried to save the theater.  

Demolition began 17 July 2001 on three smaller auditoriums which were added to the theater in 1977 and 1987.  The lobby was demolished on 1 August 2001 and finally the main auditorium on 20 August 2001.

Information About the Indian Hills Theater

Cinema Treasures
News in Omaha World-Herald:

26 September 2000 Indian Hills Theater Facing 'The End'
27 September 2000
Rainbow Rowell: Indian Hills Like No Other
2 December 2000 Indian Hills Property Draws Film Buffs, Other Bidders
12 April 2001 Indian Hills Theater's Sale Near, but Fate Unknown
19 June 2001 Cinerama Theaters Few and Far Between
19 June 2001 Cinerama Revolutionized Movie Experience
20 June 2001  Indian Hills To Be Torn Down
21 June 2001  Indian Hills Theater to Be Demolished
24 June 2001  Group Tries To Save Indian Hills
25 June 2001 Rethink Razing Movie Theater, Protesters Say
1 July 2001 The Show and the Money
2 July 2001 115 Gather for Rally to Save Indian Hills
5 July 2001 Harold W. Andersen: Theater's Admirers Owe Answers
6 July 2001 New Plan Proposed for Movie Theater
12 July 2001 Indian Hills Theater Up for Landmark Status
12 July 2001 Kirk Douglas and Richard D. Zanuck on The Public Pulse
17 July 2001 Demolition Work Begins on Indian Hills Theater
31 July 2001 Main Lobby to Be Razed at Indian Hills
1 August 2001 Indian Hills Entrance Demolished
20 August 2001 Indian Hills Exterior Walls Come Down
21 August 2001 Final Curtain Falls for Indian Hills' Main Auditorium
23 August 2001 Is Cinerama Really Gone?