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Salt Lake Tribune, 6 August 1969, page10

Krakatoa at the Villa

On 6 August 1969, the Salt Lake Area Chamber of Commerce sponsored the premiere of Krakatoa, East of Java as a special salute to the civic leaders of five counties, Salt Lake, Weber, Davis, Tooele, and Utah.

Harold Schindler of the Salt Lake Tribune described Krakatoa as "the grandest motion picture spectacle since the parting of the Red Sea. . .  If it's excitement you like, this is a picture to see."*

Krakatoa, East of Java was based on the actual volcanic eruption of Krakatoa in 1883, "a disaster which snuffed out the lives of some 37,000 persons, caused tidal waves reaching four continents, created a roar heard 3,000 miles, blasted pulverized rock to heights of 150,000 feet, transformed a cubic mile of ocean into super-heated steam, dissolved all life on the 18-mile long island, and left in place of the volcano a chasm several miles in diameter and 1,000 feet deep."*

In the film, the captian of the "Batavia Queen" searches in the shadow of the rumbling volcano for a sunken vessel containing a fortune in pearls.

Krakatoa was possibly the last 70mm Cinerama presentation at the Villa.