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'South Sea' Ends; 'Irma' Nears Windup

Deseret News, 15 February 1964, page A9

The uncertainties of the motion picture business are shown in the experiences with a movie winding up its local run tonight and another nearing then end of a 34-week engagement.

Cinerama's "South Seas Adventure" finishes a run that has been all too short, with its presentation tonight at 8:30 at the Villa Theater.

During the past three weeks, the showhouse has been filled for virtually every performance.  "South Seas Adventure" illustrates the under valuing of a good movie.

It is five years old and industry executives calling the shots had not anticipated the run the film has enjoyed.  Age means little to this film.

Only on the streets of Honolulu, where fashions give away the age, and in the bigger cities of Australia and New Zealand does anyone realize "South Seas Adventure" is an older travelogue.

Otherwise, the majority of moviegoers have pronounced it an enjoyable, pleasant film, marked by entertainment and education.

The other picture that illustrates uncertainties is "Irma La Douce," which winds up its long run at the Towne Theater Feb. 21. Circuit executives did not anticipate the acceptance this racy, sex-filled movie has enjoyed.

They did not know whether to play it as an art picture or as a commercial production. They compromised. It has become the biggest comedy money-maker in the history of the United Artists, distributing company. It's world gross as present is estimated at $11 million.

In Salt Lake, it will have grossed $150,000 in its 34-week run, a figure that has been announced as the largest per capita for anywhere in the world.