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South Seas Adventure at the Villa

South Seas Adventure started its "limited engagement" at the Villa on 9 January 1964.  The 8:30 P.M. showing on 15 February 1964 marked the end of it's too-short run.

A writer for the Deseret News said, "During the past three weeks, the showhouse has been filled for virtually every performance.  'South Seas Adventure' illustrates the under valuing of a good movie.  It is five years old and industry executives calling the shots had not anticipated the run the film has enjoyed.  Age means little to this film."*

South Seas Adventure may be the only 3-strip Cinerama production to open at the Villa without a benefit premiere.  It was the last Cinerama film to be presented at the Villa using the 3-projector process.  The reason for its limited run was the coming of 70mm Cinerama with It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World on February 18th.  The theater closed for two days for the installation of new equipment.