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BIGGEST INDOOR SCREEN IN UTAH! - Diagram shows difference between regular Cinerama screen and super-size screen to be unveiled for "South Pacific" premier Thursday. New TODD-AO screen is curved from the axis 7 feet, while Cinerama screens have 38-inch curve.
Deseret News, 28 July 1958, B1

EDITOR'S NOTE:  The use of the term "Cinerama" in this diagram and text is a mistake.  They actually meant "CinemaScope."

New Film To Bring Reality To 'South Pacific' Premiere

By Eleanor Knowles
Deseret News Staff Writer
Deseret News, 28 July 1958, B1

"South Pacific" in TODD-AO is so realistic next Thursday's benefit premiere audience will feel as though it has actually been transported to the exotic isles of the Pacific.

When the Villa Theater unveils its new TODD-AO equipment at the premiere, Utahns will be seeing for the very first time a movie in this revolutionary new process that gives such tremendous depth and realism to a film. The lush beauty of Kauai, known as the "Garden Island of the Hawaiians," is captured on the wide screen in vivid color.

Seeing a movie on the gigantic TODD-AO screen is like seeing it projected against a building approximately the size of Kingsbury Hall -- it's that big! The screen is almost the height of an average three-story building, and wider than the average home lot.

Because of the deep curvature of the screen, there is none of the "fuzziness" often evident at the edges of the usual "wide screen."

Patricia Owens, beautiful Hollywood actress, will be special guest at the premiere. She will be in the Utah capital Wednesday and Thursday for personal appearances in connection with the event.

Tickets, priced at donations of $3, $7, and $10, are still available for the premiere. The Deseret News is sponsoring the event for the benefit of the Salt Lake County Assn. for Retarded Children, and all proceeds will go to that group.

Box office is open daily at the Uptown Theater, 53 S. Main, from 10 a.m. to 5:30 pm., and at the Villa Theater, 3092 Highland Dr., from 6 to 9 p.m. Tickets can also still be ordered by mail by using the handy mail-order coupon in today's Deseret News. Check should be made payable to the Salt Lake County Assn. for Retarded Children.