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AT GALA PREMIERE - Richard Elggren, left; Mrs. William H. Elggren, Mr. Elggren and Miss Connie Elggren made an attractive family foursome as they arrived at the Villa Theater Thursday night for the gala benefit premiere of "South Pacific."
Deseret News, 1 August 1958, page A13

Salt Lakers Throng To Gala Premiere

Deseret News, 1 August 1958, page A13

Crowds of Salt Lakers were on hand Thursday night at the Villa Theater, for the gala benefit premiere of "South Pacific."

Long before the 8:30 p.m. show time, movie-goers began arriving for the event, which had all the glamor of a Hollywood premiere.

AMONG THE DIGNITARIES . . . who were there to enjoy the performance were Gov. and Mrs. George D. Clyde and Mayor Stewarts brought along their children, Mary, Jerry, and Larry.

OTHER WELL-KNOWN SALT LAKERS . . . attending the Deseret News-sponsored premiere (proceeds go to the Salt Lake County Association for Retarded Children) were the LeGrand Richards, the J. K. Piercyes, Mr. and Mrs. Harold H. Bennett, Mr. and Mrs. Donald P. Lloyd, Mr. and Mrs. Gerald L. Jones, Dr. and Mrs. Paul D. Keller, Mrs. Julian M. Bamberger and her daughter, Mrs. Allen T. Shott Jr.

RECEIVING AND ORCHID . . . (as did every woman in the audience) was Mrs. E. H. Dorland, who is president of the S.L. County Association for Retarded Children. She was there with Mr. Dorland and with her mother, Mrs. F. G. Carthey. Mr. and Mrs. Darel P. Bartchi and daughter, Joyce, were among the crowd, as were Mr. and Mrs. Leland H. Dowsett and the Darwin A. Dowsetts.

SAID HELLO . . . to an attractive twosome, Lois Lake (who was receiving thanks for Western Airlines for the beautiful orchids) and Ella Caldwell . . . to Mr. and Mrs. Wendell E. Adams . . . the Richard F. Carters.

TAKING THEIR SEATS . . . as curtain time neared were Mr. and Mrs. B. Lue Bettilyon, who were eager to compare the show with the stage production. Nearby were Mr. and Mrs. Howard Leatham . . . Mr. and Mrs. Fred F. Auercach . . . the S. Albert Spalding . . . the J. Arthur Petts.

Watching with interest as Patricia Owens, Hollywood movie star, was introduced, were Mr. and Mrs. Charles L. Ovard and daughter, Susah; Mr. and Mrs. S. Elliott Budge, Mrs. Joe L. Christiensen and son, L. Brent.

COMMENTING . . . on the TODD-AO screen (the largest indoor screen in the Mountain West) were Mr. and Mrs. R. T. Harris and daughters, Terrell and Irene. They were accompanied to the premiere by Mrs. E. W. Brainard, Mrs. W. M. Armstrong, Mr. and Mrs. George Winder.

AT INTERMISSION TIME . . . Mr. and Mrs. Henry N. Aloia, Mr. and Mrs. Max Carpenter, Mr. and Mrs. Lee Steorts and Mr. and Mrs. Dowd Leiter were chatting about the colorful production.

Noticed Mrs. Ella I. Livingston, Miss Ruby Livingston, Mrs. Geniel L. Thatcher and Miss Joyce Thatcher enjoying the evening together.

A family threesome, Mrs. S. T. Bennion and her son-in-law and daughter, Mr. and Mrs. Roy E. Nielsen, commented enthusiastically about the show.

AT EVENING'S END . . . glimpsed the R. V. Listons and daughter, Sonia, leaving the theater . . . the Phillip A. Mallinckrods . . . Mr. and Mrs. Herman J. Jansen and Mrs. V. M. Christiansen . . . the Louis Olivers . . . the Fred J. Bradshaws and the G. Blair Bradshaws.