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Revolutionary Change In Theaters Seen

Deseret News, 1 August 1958, page A10

A revolution in theater buildings and advertising was promised at closing sessions of a seven-state convention of showmen in Salt Lake City Thursday.

The changes will eliminate the familiar glassed-in cashier's window, bring about showhouses with landscaped gardens, dining facilities and other comforts for patrons.

The revolution in advertising practices will tie in newspapers and stores more than ever before. It also will consist in elimination of "phonieness" from advertising and see the ads carry words telling only what the movie is about.

These promises were made by Robert W. Selig of Denver, president of Fox Inter-Mountain Theaters, whose 70 managers from seven western states concluded a three-day convention in Salt Lake Thursday.

He said that plans already were going ahead for the changes in theater construction. "We have plans on the drawing boards now for new type showhouses never heretofore dreamed of," he declared. "Technical changes, such as Salt Lake patrons are seeing in the TODD-AO process at the Villa, are just beginning. We have sound and color advances that are are an improvement even on TODD-AO."

Frank H. Ricketson, vice president and general manager of National Theaters, Fox parent company, told the showmen that the upturn in theater attendance "has just begun. Our firm is looking around for places to build theaters whenever we can legally do so.

"We feel that most of the pictures since last Christmas have been audience-pleasers; nay blockbusters; and we feel that this condition will continue. A look at the product promises this," he declared