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Movie Palace Opens Friday

Deseret News, 22 December 1949, page 28

The Salt Lake Valley's newest theater, costing $350,000, opens Friday with a permier in this area of "Prince of Foxes."

It is the Villa theater, 3092 Highland dr., completed after more than a year of construction activity.

Modernistic in design but "gentle" in its kindness to the eye and limb, the plush movie house is the result of joint efforts of Joseph L. Lawrence, president, and D. K. Edwards, vice president and general manager, Joseph L. Lawrence theaters.

It will be the eight house in that growing system of theaters in Salt Lake City, Murray and Provo.

The parking problem is solved with a 2 1/2-acre paved area to the rear of the theater containing space for 700 cars.

Water from a 200-foot-deep well supplies liquid both for air conditioning in summer and for steam heat in the winter time.

Matched carpeting, striking color combinations and vast murals are all features of the luxurious theater.

A. B. Paulson is the architect while Carl Fors Construction Co. directed the activities in erection of the movie house.