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Featuring a new "stadium" seating arrangement for 1300 persons, the Villa theater, under construction at 3050 Highland dr., is scheduled for an early opening. Finished in a modern motif in pastel shades, the theater will include a 20 by 26 foot screen.
Salt Lake Tribune, 11 December 1949, page B1
Photo used by permission, Utah State Historical Society, all rights reserved.

Builders Spur $350,000 Movie House

Salt Lake Tribune, 11 December 1949, page B1

Under construction for more than a year, the $350,000 Villa theater, 3000 Highland dr., is rapidly nearing completion.

A premiere for business and civic leaders is being planned by co-owners Joseph L. Lawrence and David K. Edwards.

Meanwhile, crews are adding final touches to the interior. The foyer and lobby are finished in modern motif, mostly in pastel shades. An original mural depicting Utah's pioneer history will decorate the main lobby.

New Theater Feature

Key attraction of the new theater is expected to be the new "stadium" seating arrangement for 1300 persons. The seats are grouped in semicircular fashion on graduated flooring.

And the screen, 20x26 ft., is one of the largest in the Rocky mountain states, according to Mr. Edwards.

Quarters for Shop

On the outside of the building are quarters for a shop, fronted with native stone. The section will be leased later, Mr. Edwards said.

To the rear of the theater is a parking lot which will accommodate 500 cars. The lot will be lighted at night with sodium vapor lamps to eliminate dangers of car prowling.

The theater was designed by A. B. Paulson, Salt Lake architect.