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Catching the spirit of the gala Villa theater premiere invitational opening Tuesday evening, Mayor Earl J. Glade cited advance of motion picture industry. Some 1300 persons attended.
Salt Lake Tribune, 23 December 1949


Villa Theater First Night Draws 1300

Salt Lake Tribune, 21 December 1949, page 20A

Admitted by special invitation, approximately 1300 civic, business, professional and political leaders attended the premiere invitational opening of the new, beautifully decorated Villa theater Tuesday evening.

Situated at 3092 Highland dr., the new addition to Salt Lake area's movie-showing facilities was received with wide acclaim. Thick rugs throughout and amphitheater styling were viewed with appreciation.

With an air of luxury and gaiety, the theater features two large murals on the side walls depicting happy people at work. They are on a red background. Wainscoting is mustard chartreuse, ceiling blue-green with chartreuse border.

Impressive is the large oval-shaped lobby which features a mural of Utah history done in inlaid wood, copper sheeting, spun glass and other material.

Mayor Earl J. Glade, traced growth of the motion picture industry and praised men connected with it.

Public opening of the modern theater will be Friday.